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As a fellow Canadian, I too feel the financial crunch with the current value of our CAD dollar compared to the U.S. dollar. So, I am making the certification program available at the same rate ($997) but in Canadian dollars.

To join the program, please click on the button below to  complete the transaction. Once done, you will be immediately forwarded to our registration page for the program for instant access.

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Canadian Payment Plans

NOTE: You MUST be Canadian in order to purchase with the button above.

3 and 6 month payment plans available at checkout.

Payment Plan Terms

  • By choosing the Payment Plan option you are entering into a legal agreement with REA University’s parent company, Pam Ivey International.  The terms of this agreement are between yourself (customer) and Pam Ivey International (company).
  • The customer agrees to pay the agreed monthly installments by credit card (PayPal for CAD).
  • If the customer defaults on payment the customer will owe the company the remainder of the payment plan in full on demand.
  • There are no cancellations or refunds, this is a legally binding contract for services.
  • The payments are made in 30 day intervals of the purchase in proceeding months.
  • The company reserves the right to alter or change these Terms at any time.